Celebrating The Return to Motherland

Ipada is a Yoruba word that means 'the return'. Ipada Carnival will bring people of African descent from all over the world to experience a renaissance that will be second to none. Ipada Carnival is a week-long festival featuring a Carnival, fashion shows, live music performances, art exhibitions, and culinary experiences from 54 countries in Africa and 5 countries in the Caribbean.

The festival will take place at La campagne Tropicana Beach Resort , Lagos, Nigeria - the famed and distinctive African-themed beach, forest and river resort .Vibrant and spacious outdoor/indoor venues will be transformed into colourful and interactive spaces showcasing the best African arts and culture. The festival will provide a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the richness and diversity of African art forms and engage in intellectual discourse on repatriation, partnership, and Afrocentric global synergies.

Ipada Carnival is inspired by Africa and its Diaspora's rich history and cultural heritage. The festival aims to showcase the beauty and vibrancy of African arts and culture, promote the African renaissance, and strengthen the Diaspora alliances. The festival also seeks to foster partnerships among artists, creatives, and cultural entrepreneurs to create new economic growth and development opportunities in the creative industries.

Ipada carnival will be curated through a lush extravaganza paying tribute to the idiosyncratic Carnival expressions but commemorating the collective cultural practice of a global Carnival nuanced with national identity-branding ingredients that would stamp the event as trailblazing and game-changing.

This must-see and the not-to-be-missed event will harness the best of our creative arts, branding our Carnivalesque heritage and presenting it to the world unapologetically in a sprawling cornucopia of presentations, pageants, parties, portrayals and parades, replete with pulsating rhythms, provocative rituals and passionate revelry.

It is an experience, signaling to the world that we are who we are, unabashedly. We will tell our stories with acumen, authenticity and aplomb! Ipada carnival is more than a festival. It is a testament of, and more so, a tribute to our folkways enshrined in our lifestyle, lifeblood, and livelihood.


29th Nov - 17th Dec, 2024


La campagne Tropicana Beach Resort , Lagos, Nigeria


Live music from 54 African countries


Adventure awaits.. Beaches, lagoons, hills, waterfalls e.tc

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