Our History

Our ancestors left in slave ships to make the terrifying transatlantic journey to service a reprehensible sugar industry that we liken to the sour lemon of humanity and through the empowering movement of the Motherland Beckons, the tables have turned, for now, the offsprings of the continent return in cruise ships and luxurious airlines as if to say ironically that the sour lemon experience has sweetened through the same said sugar system to produce, metaphorically, a refreshing lemonade as the Motherland invites her children to return to share the spoils of a resilient spirit bearing its liberating festival soul through the Carnival cultures spawned globally.

The Motherland Beckons acknowledges this indefatigable ethos synthesized through post-slavery survival mode instincts to birth the most remarkable festival incarnations, sustained through a cultural nexus that gives new life, burgeoning with New World magnificence which metropolitan arbiters, quite akin to plutocratic practice, wish to plagiarize, fancying the ‘spoils’ as new-found inspiration to forge as trendsetting indicators as if to claim its identity as their own. The Motherland Beckons hopes to integrate continental cultural majesty with post-colonial Creole mastery to redound an African/Afro centric prominence to mesmerize the world.


29th Nov - 17th Dec, 2024


La campagne Tropicana Beach Resort , Lagos, Nigeria


Live music from 54 African countries


Adventure awaits.. Beaches, lagoons, hills, waterfalls e.tc

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